Bridges suits for different teams hanging in Sam's equipment rack.

The Standard Issue Bridges Suit is a protective coverall issued to Bridges members, serving as both a protective utility garment and a uniform.

In-Universe[edit | edit source]

As described above, the suits are issued to various members of Bridges. Different colors are issued to denote different team functions, including blue for Delivery Teams, red for Medical, black for Security, and orange for Corpse Disposal. The suits are also issued with a safety harness capable of mounting an external pack frame, as well as cargo mounts on the shoulders and hips. Sam discards his porter suit for a Bridges suit early on when he is tasked with the disposal of Bridget Strand's corpse.

The suits feature a mechanized hood with a sensor that automatically deploys the hood if timefall is detected. If the wearer is caught in dangerously deep water, an automatic life preserver is also included. Sam's suit harness also holds a utility pouch for Blood Bags, and an ammunition pouch. Reaching the max connection level with a Bridges facility or a Prepper will net Sam a star to attach to his suit, for a total of 36 possible stars.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In very cold or snowy conditions, the suit's color will change to white, likely as an indication for temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Once the player has completed the game, the suit's color can be changed freely at the equipment rack in a Safe House.
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