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The Sticky Gun is a tool used by Sam as well as MULEs. It shoots out a large blob of adhesive with a cord attached, allowing for the retrieval of cargo from a distance. When the sticky projectile makes contact with a cargo container, it will slingshot itself toward Sam. He must then catch it in mid-air, or else the cargo will take damage from the ground impact.

If used against MULEs, it will take off cargo from their backpack and hurl it towards Sam, as well as briefly stagger them. Be aware that MULEs will not catch cargo that is hurled toward them, resulting in impact damage.

In-game Description[edit | edit source]

Model: MA-STG mod-0

An improved cargo reclamation gun based on FAI's GL-Six. Targeted cargo will be locked onto automatically, then a wire-rigged projectile will be fired at the target in order to reel it in.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

An up-close shot of the Sticky Gun on the private room weapon rack.

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