Tar is a viscous black liquid that manifests along with aggressive BTs. When Sam is attacked by hunters, the ground immediately surrounding him will become covered in tar from which hunters will manifest and attempt to pull him down into. If hunters successfully pull Sam down, they will drag him to a nearby area where a catcher will manifest and tar will eventually overflow the entire vicinity of conflict.

While in tar, Sam's mobility is impeded, making it difficult for him to avoid the clutches of attacking hunters or attacks from catchers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While prowling, hunters appear as tar handprints on the ground and other surfaces.
  • Tar appears when Sam gets caught in a Catcher area.
  • Same when Sam is spotted by a Gazer.
  • Tar is the manifestation of the Beach. Objects such as buildings can be transported to and from the Beach through tar.
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