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This article is about the otherworldly rain phenomenon. For other uses of the term "Timefall", see Timefall (disambiguation).

Timefall rapidly aging a Corpse Disposal Team 6 operative

Timefall is an otherworldly rain, snow or hail which accelerates the progress of time within nearly all it comes into contact with. Most people in the world are aware of its existence and effect.[1]


Timefall is a form of precipitation that causes temporal acceleration of nearly anything it comes into direct contact with. This takes the form of rain, snow or even hail, depending on the climate. The time acceleration effect only happens the first time the timefall hits an object, and becomes normal safe water afterwards. Additionally, it will only affect what it comes into direct contact with: for instance, if part of a person's body comes into contact with timefall, only that part will be aged. It is unknown what causes timefall, although it appears to be connected to BTs and high chiral densities.

Effect on cargo

Timefall will degrade the integrity of Sam's cargo containers should he find himself caught in a shower of it. Sam may use container repair spray to restore the integrity of his cargo containers.



  • According to Fragile, ingesting a cryptobiote a day will thwart the effect of timefall on a person. Indeed, Cryptobiotes are noted to be a form of life adapted to the Beach, and are resistant to Timefall. Consuming them confers protective benefits. (This is like saying "an apple a day keeps a doctor away." No actual cover from timefall.)
  • Timefall also decreases the integrity of structures which must be repaired with materials.
  • It is stated in game that due to the timefall ageing the earth, resources take far less time to develop or replenish. This is shown when vegetation (which can take years to grow) is fully grown with a few seconds or minutes; there are positive effects of timefall as well as negative effects, and some individuals - such as the Timefall Farmers, who are attempting to grow crops rapidly - are turning it to useful ends.