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This article is about the otherworldly rain phenomenon. For other uses of the term "Timefall", see Timefall (disambiguation).
Timefall aging CDT 6 operative

Timefall rapidly aging a Corpse Disposal Team 6 operative

Timefall is an otherworldly form of precipitation which accelerates the progress of time within nearly all it comes into contact with. Most people in the world are aware of its existence and effect.[1]


Timefall was first recorded when the Death Stranding occurred as since before there are no traces or occurrences of such precipitations. The effects recorded over the years of research are that timefall accelerates the passage of time for the objects and organisms it touches and that it immediately turns to ordinary water having done so. Some researchers have gone as far as to posit this process as "stealing" time.

It has been theorized that when clouds containing chiralium are excited by gamma radiation produced by lightning, the chiralium within begins to exacerbate minute distortions in space-time, somehow “loosening" the Seams that connect people to the Beaches. This excited chiralium mixes with precipitation and descends to the ground below and makes the underlying region much more strongly connected with the Beach—and as a consequence, makes BTs appear more often in areas especially prone to timefall.

The excited chiralium which falls to the ground is also theorized to cause electromagnetic interference, an explanation for both the disruption of certain electrical systems (power outages in buildings, vehicles shutting down) and a decrease in temperature sharp enough to witness condensation of breath.

Though commonly experienced as rain, timefall can also come in the form of snow with particularly worsened effects.

Effect on organism, cargos and structures[]

Timefall affects objects and lifeforms differently depending on a number of varying factors. While fauna (humans included) will perish quickly when saturated by enough timefall, flora will experience rapid withering and regrowth presumably thanks to their roots being shielded from direct contact.

Timefall only affects what it first touches, seemingly losing its gained chiralium and turning into ordinary water as it runs off.

Due to the effects of timefall, cargo containers will degrade when caught in rainfall, increasing the likelihood of damage to the contents within as the condition of the container drops. Before this condition hits 0%, container repair spray or timefall shelters may be used to repair affected cargo.

Timefall also decreases the integrity of structures—at a reduced rate compared to organism and small objects—which must be repaired with materials. Certain structures and potentially gear are noted to be coated with thin layers of chiralium which helps resist the effects of timefall, owed to the atemporal nature of chiral crystals. Due to the toxicity associated with overexposure to chiralium, these coatings are used infrequently.


  • According to Fragile, ingesting a cryptobiote will thwart the effect of timefall on a person; she even uses a variant of the well known apple-a-day adage: "A cryptobiote a day keeps the Timefall away." Indeed, Cryptobiotes are noted to be a form of life adapted to the Beach, and are resistant to Timefall. Consuming them confers protective benefits.
  • It is stated that due to timefall aging the earth itself, resources take far less time to develop or replenish. This is shown when vegetation (which can take years to grow) is fully grown with a few seconds or minutes; these are some of the positive effects of timefall exploited by individuals such as the Timefall Farmers.
  • Timefall as a concept came from a scene of a movie called The Devil's Rain, when a man's face melts when he is hit by the rain.[2]