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The United Cities of America, abbreviated UCA, also known as America, is a fledgling nation-state located in North America, with its capital in Capital Knot City.


When the United States was devastated by the Death Stranding, its population was divided and terrorized, causing the nation to deteriorate. Bridget Strand, who had become President after the death of her predecessor during the first voidout in Manhattan, had the vision of reuniting America again, and for this fund Bridges. Back then the United Cities of America were nothing more than a dream for her and her followers, but thanks to research on the Chiral Network she hoped to be able to make it happen.

When the Chiral Network was nearing completion, with the first connection between Central and Capital Knot City successfully albeit with some limitations, Samantha America Strand, the President's daughter, began a three-year nationwide expedition to install chiral nodes and convince survivors to join the UCA. However, the expedition stopped with the kidnapping of Amelie by a group of separatists, who opposed the UCA, in Edge Knot City, the last chiral node. A dying Briget put her adopted son, Sam Porter Briges, "on contract", asking him to help UCA and Bridges reconnect the nodes and save Amelie.

Bridget's dream is completed when Sam reconnects all the nodes to the Chiral Network, and enshrined with the election as First President of the UCA of John Blake McClane, the director of Bridges.


After the unification, the UCAs launch a plan to expand the Chiral Network outside their borders, starting with Mexico and nearby regions. However, after Sam left to live alone with Lou, many things changed within the UCA, with Briges being disbanded once everything was set up, and therefore no longer managing the distribution network with human couriers.

Sam is thus once again the bridgehead for the UCA's expansion operations of the external regions, supported by Fragile, who as founded a new group to operate on the regions outside the network, and by her ship, the DHV Magellan.

UCA Flag[]

The UCA flag was designed by President Bridget and director Die-Hardman, back in the days. While Bridget wanted something more classic, based on the old American flag, with the stars and stripes, but Die-Hardaman thought otherwise. Not wanting a flag that represented old American expansionism, he instead proposed a flag that carried forward the ideals of freedom and equality. The stars were not supposed to represent states, as in the old flag, but individuals, with their own value and at the same time part of a whole.

The UCA flag is formed by a blue circle as a base and a smaller one, with a white border, inside. In the perimeter strip the word Seal of the United Cities of America in white color along the entire edge and the word UCA at the bottom. In the inner circle along the entire edge, eight white stars interrupted by the wing of a stylized American eagle. The eagle has six red stripes inside, spaced apart.

List of UCA cities[]


  • It is likely that the eight white stars of the UCA flag represent the eight Knot Cities scattered across the nation.
  • During the inauguration of the President, the members of Bridges who helped Sam during his expedition wear a replica of Amelie's Quipu pinned to the right side of their chest, to symbolize a bond with her despite her intentions, and on the left side the Bridges' logo.