Be considerate and relive yourself away from other people and their property. Use L2 to ready, and R2 to let loose.
– In-game Description

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Urinating is a feature of Death Stranding. It allows Sam to relieve himself when outside the boundaries of Hot springs, distribution centers, and other settlements. Additionally it can only be done after consuming liquids from the Canteen or those in the Private room.

Each time a player urinates, a mushroom will grow at that location. Mushrooms are visible to all players in a similar fashion to Structures and may be given Likes. Should enough players urinate in the same spot, the size and cluster of mushrooms will increase. Eventually, Cryptobiotes will start to swarm around them and can be collected. Unlike Cryptobiote hives, mushrooms allow a larger number of cryptobiotes to be collected.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Upon close inspection, the dots on mushrooms are actually small thumbs up emojis.
  • Urinating in the presence of BTs will repel them and prevent Sam from being dragged away by tar.
  • Urinating in the toilet in a Private room will create an EX grenade no. 1, which has a greater effect; it will completely(albeit temporarily) disperse BTs.
  • Urinating in the toilet in a Private room when Sam has been driven to exhaustion by reducing his stamina cap to 25% or less will cause Sam to release blood in his urine and create an EX grenade no. 1+, which combines the effect of Sam's urine with that of a Hematic grenade; gazer BTs caught in its effect will be sent back to the Beach, nearby gazers will be repelled, and larger BTs will suffer damage.
  • Sam can not urinate within around 75m of a carried person in a body bag and around 50m of a corpse in a body bag.

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Related trophies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Trophy
I Couldn't Hold it In!.png I Couldn't Hold it In! Pee outside for the first time. Bronze
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