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A Watchtower is a structure used to survey the surrounding area to detect Cargo, Cryptobiotes, Chiral crystals, and structures. It is unlocked upon starting Order No. 7: Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface. Watchtowers will consume 250 bandwidth from the Chiral Network.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Watchtowers allow players to survey areas around them, acting as a long-range Odradek, locating BTs and lost cargo. However, the camera mounted at the top of a watchtower can be raised, lowered, zoomed, and can be used to place markers and plan routes.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Watchtowers are created using the PCC. Level 2 allows for customization options while Level 3 increases the structure's durability against Timefall.

  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • 150 Chiral crystals
  • 800 Metals
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