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Sam with the assault rifle

The following is a list of weapons in Death Stranding.

Types Edit

There are 4 types of weapons in Death Stranding: Anti-BT weapons, Non-lethal weapons, Lethal weapons and Lethal anti-BT weapons. Some weapons are capable of using different types of ammo, most of the time Normal ammo and Sam's Blood ammo.

  • Lethal Anti-BT: This type of weapon can harm humans and contains ammo made with Sam's blood. It can also harm BTs on its own.
  • Non-Lethal Anti-BT: Another type of weapon contains ammo made with Sam's blood. It can only harm BTs and has no or little effect on humans.
  • Lethal Anti-Personnel: This type of weapon can harm humans. It can also harm BTs if used alongside a Hematic Grenade by default.
  • Non-lethal Anti-Personnel: This type of weapon is designed to subdue humans. It can't kill humans nor harm BTs by default.

Identification Edit

Weapons and their type can be identified by the color of their icon. The orange icon represents a Lethal weapon, the purple or blue icon represents a Non-lethal weapon, the red icon represents Anti-BT weapons, both lethal and non-lethal and the black icon represents an Armor-piercing weapon. The ammo type for some weapons can be changed in the equipment menu.

List of weapons Edit

Projectile Edit

Grenades Edit

Melee Edit

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